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Nevin DiParlo
Sales Engineer - Offshore Energy
+1 (617) 206-5758

When it comes to protecting your rig in deep, open water, you can’t leave anything to chance. That’s why as the life-cycle of your existing long-range ADCP nears the end, it’s smart to join the other oil and gas experts who know first-hand that the Signature55 is smaller, lighter and performs better than any ADCP in its class.


  • 6-8 weeks lead time for new instruments
  • Rugged, extensively tested metal connectors reduce downtime
  • RMA processing time of 10 days with the availability of onsite repairs

Case Studies

Marcus Ogle MSc
Senior Oceanographer, Fugro

Signature55 delivers currents that satisfy both the NTL requirement and those of Shell.

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Leandro Franklin
SLI Director

Signature55 keeps our operational index at the highest possible level.

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Frank Johnson
Vice President Marine Operations, CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc.

Signature55 meets or exceeds our expectations in all aspects.

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System Components


Signature55 Overview

System Capabilities. Stand-alone and online applications. Get a deeper dive into why Signature55 is for you.

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Biofouling Solution

Biofouling Solution

Learn more about ClearSignal,® a clear non-toxic coating that resists biofouling because of its non-stick properties.

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Biofouling Solution

Deployment Apparatus

Learn more about the system that makes Signature55 easy to deploy and retrieve without the heavy lifting.

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Development & Deployment Videos

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