Nortek Day

Serious fun with coastal and ocean measurements!
19-20 November 2019
Miami, Florida

About The Event


Join us and your colleagues at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science to discuss exciting applications of current, wave, and turbulence measurements using acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs). We will share deployment practices and what it takes to gather quality data, talk about processing data, and you will also learn from each other’s experiences. We have expanded the usual one-day event to include a half day on Wednesday.

On Wednesday we will demonstrate the SignatureVM system aboard the F.G. Walton Smith, the University of Miami's research vessel, as well as tour the SUrge STructure Atmosphere INteraction (SUSTAIN) laboratory. SUSTAIN has the capability to test three-dimensional coupled wind-waves and surge and their combined impacts on structures in conditions as extreme as a land-falling Category 5 hurricane.

Featured Expert Speakers

Trap Puckette
Trap Puckette
Technical Director, RPS
Brian Haus
Brian Haus
Professor, University of Miami
Bill Baxley
William Baxley
Chief Engineer, SNMREC


19 Nov
0815 - 1200
0815 Check-in & Breakfast  
0840 Welcome & Introductions  
0900 Nortek Knowledge Sessions  
0900 NORTEK NORTEK 101: An Invitation to Modern Doppler Observations
0935 NORTEK DOPPLER 101: Doppler Principals
1040 Applications / User Sessions  
1040 Brian Haus, University of Miami Near surface current measurements in energetic laboratory conditions
1105 NORTEK Turbulent mixing and High-Resolution Mode
1120 NORTEK Wave height & Direction
1145 NORTEK QA through Pre-deployment Preparation with Deployment Software
19 Nov
1200 - 1630
1200 Lunch  
1320 Applications / User Sessions  
1320 Trap Puckette, RPS Long-term wave monitoring in Chesapeake Bay
1345 NORTEK Bio-physical Interactions with Echosounder Mode
1400 NORTEK Vessel Mounted Current Profiles
1420 William Baxley, SNMREC Aquadopp Applications in Ocean Current Energy Research at Florida Atlantic University's Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center 
1440 Break  
1500 Deployment & Data Sessions  
1500 NORTEK QC through Data Analysis and Post-Processing
1535 Candace Smith, RBR Environmental Sampling Measurements Supporting Nortek Current and Wave Studies
1630 NORTEK Subsea Navigation and the Nortek DVL
1700 Conclude Day 1  
20 Nov
0930 - 1200
0930 On-water SignatureVM Vessel-mounted ADCP demonstration
20 Nov
1200 - 1400
1200 Lunch
1300 Tour of SUSTAIN Laboratory 
1400  Conclude Event

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