Nortek Fusion DVL1000

The Fusion DVL1000 is a combined underwater navigation sensor package.  By combining a DVL and other sensors in a compact, all-in-one package, it provides users with the inputs they need to both control and navigate subsea vehicles efficiently and effectively.

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Why Fusion?

A complete underwater navigation system is created from the coupling of a DVL and other sensors in order to reliably navigate and position subsea vehicles. The process of coupling these sensors can be time consuming and require expertise.

The Fusion DVL1000 is a sensor hub that brings together and synchronizes all the necessary sensors that make vehicle control and navigation possible.

It is designed to achieve optimal performance by managing power, interference, synchronization, alignment, and data flow. Having all these sensors in one package simplifies their integration on a vehicle. 


How is Fusion different?

The following sensors are standard: 

  • DVL 
  • AHRS (attitude and heading reference system)
  • Water track
  • Altimeter
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Optional current profiling

The Fusion DVL1000 also offers integration software, simplifying the vehicle integration process, as well as ISO Certification. 

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Fusion DVL1000 key specifications

Specification Fusion DVL 1000
Frequency 1 MHz
Minimum altitude 0.05 m
Maximum altitude 50 m
Long term accuracy

±1.01% (license free)±0.1% (export controlled)

Velocity resolution 0.01 mm/s
Weight in air / water 0.535 kg / 0.295 kg
Diameter / height  90 mm / 42 mm
Pre-synchronized AHRS Yes
Pre-synchronized altimeter  Yes
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What makes up a subsea navigation system?

Because "underwater GPS" is not a thing, subsea navigation is achieved by combining a heading estimate from one sensor with a speed-over-ground estimate from another called a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). 

 The Fusion DVL1000 provides a pre-synchronized sensor package, alleviating much of the complications that can come with tightly coupling electronics and simplifying the process of vehicle control and navigation design. 

Watch this video to learn more about the differences between a DVL and a complete navigation system.

What is the difference between a standard DVL and a Fusion DVL? How do I know if the Fusion is right for my application?

While the Fusion DVL offers the convenience of a complete sensor platform in a compact package, some users and applications will still require the higher long-term accuracy or longer range of a traditional DVL. Have questions about what is right for you? Contact us to request more information.