Eco user testimonials

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“Our first deployments with the Eco were very successful: we were excited about how portable it was, how easy it was to deploy and the detailed scientific data we were able to collect. We did not expect it to be so user-friendly!”

- Jacqueline Rosa, Program Coordinator

Blue Latitudes Foundation


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"Fun and easy to use. I am not an oceanographer and I love that it didn't require a huge manual to figure out and program."

- Jessica Pate, Manta Ray Researcher

Marine Megafauna Foundation


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"The Eco is a new, unique and needed low cost ADCP option in the market. It is so simplistic to use and deploy that it provides researchers a current meter platform that does not require a lot of technical savvy to operate."

- Tom Herrington, Associate Director

Urban Coast Institute, Monmouth University


Watch a video on Tom's deployment →

"Straightforward communication, easy deployment and retrieval, and graphical data display make Eco very suitable for graduate and undergraduate projects."

- Ping Wang, Professor

University of South Florida

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