Eco deployment solutions

Take ADCP measurements anywhere. Nortek has designed two simple deployment solutions for Eco to help you begin collecting data immediately.

1. Eco buoy system with timed release

This three-part system allows users to deploy Eco in shallow water by simply dropping the buoys over the side of their boat, kayak, paddleboard, or dock. The timed release will send Eco to the surface at the end of the scheduled deployment.

Learn more by watching the Eco video manual.

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Eco ADCP deployment

2. Eco bottom-mount system

Deploying in water shallow enough to wade to? The Eco bottom mount is for you. Designed with portability in mind, this foldable bottom mount will keep your Eco upright and in position throughout your deployment.

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Eco ADCP deployment - bottom-mount system

Check out a sample deployment using the buoy system: